Kofile Technologies Inc., formerly Brown's River Marotti and Louisiana Binding Service has long experience and ability in the restoration of all types of Public Records including maps, plat books, loose documents.

The clients listed in our testimonials have provided us with many opportunities to work on a wide variety of materials. We urge you to ask them about their experiences with us.

Groton, New York
The week of June 29th our Town Clerk received a call from the preservation firm in Vermont, stating that while going through the court docket book for the years 1921 through 1926, they found a 1914 series five dollar bill. This Federal Reserve Note was issued with a portrait of Lincoln on the front and on the reverse Columbus sighting land and the Pilgrim’s Landing.  The treasury seal and serial numbers are blue, and the dimensions of the bill are approximately 7 1/2 inches x 3 1/4. Our current five dollar bill is approximately 6 x 2 1/2.

You never know what treasures are hidden in these dockets.
~ Cindy Vicedomini, Court Clerk

  Plymouth, Massachusetts
"Having quality work on time as promised was no surprise after dealing with you up front. Providing the Town with an important service and having a pleasant time doing it, what more can a Clerk ask?"
~ Lawrence Pizer, Town Clerk

Shasta County, California
“They have restored 65 Deed, Patent, Railroad Deed, and Records books and over 6,700 maps and also provided 26 map storage cabinets for hanging the maps. We have never had a misplaced item, shipment or damaged product.  Staff goes out of their way to assist and keep you informed of progress and they are extremely polite and courteous. I would recommend them to any Recorder or company interested in preserving the records of their office. You will get exceptional quality and service at the best price”.
~ Gary Estep, Deputy Assessor-Recorder

  Concord, New Hampshire
"The Lamprey River maps look great, better than we anticipated and we've already shown them off to several interested visitors, Thanks to all of you for the excellent general conversation and the pearls of information dropped along the way."
~ Frank C. Mevers, Director/State Archivist

The Bruce Lee Foundation, California
“This year we began working with archival preservation & imaging service to begin the process of preserving my father's original writings. Our first project is the seven volumes that comprise the Commentaries on the Martial Way. The firm takes older documents such as these writings, and they de-acidify the pages and store them archaically so that they are resistant to wear and tear and last for centuries! Further, all writings will be scanned and indexed for future referencing”

~ Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee's Daughter


Warwick, Rhode Island
“What a wonderful job! It’s such a great feeling knowing that this book will be here for future generations to appreciate as much as I do.”

~ Marie T. Bennett, City Clerk

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Town of Nantucket, Massachusetts
“Everyone in the Town Building, especially the Selectmen’s offices, had been dreading the vault update. We had anticipated that it was sure to be disruptive, confusing, noisy, as well as annoying. We were expecting to deal with surly, messy workmen.
We were all abundantly surprised, not to mention relieved, when it turned out to be such a positive experience for everyone!”
~ Catherine Flanagan Stover, Town & County Clerk

  Goldsboro, North Carolina
“Several years ago when I sent my first batch of vital records to be restored, I was hesitant about letting the records out of my office. I no longer have that hesitation."
~ Deborah Lang, Register of Deeds

  Salisbury, Connecticut
“The book came back today, and it looks so good. Please give my thanks to the individual people who work hard to do a professional job with their craft.”
~ Susan W. Spring, Town Clerk

  Deerpark, New York
“The work your firm did on the restoration and preservation was more than outstanding. I should mention it was very convenient to request information I needed when you had the books in your possession as the individuals who I had called were very gracious and immediately accommodating providing me with assistance.”
~ Shirley Zeller, Town Clerk

  Caribou, Maine
“The thoroughness of the shipping materials and instructions for sending the books was greatly appreciated.”
~ Judy-Ann Corrow, City Clerk

Campton, New Hampshire
“All I can say is “Wow”! I am still, as always, impressed by the work that your company does. They are spectacular! I look forward to working with you in the future.”
~ Hannah B. Joyce, Town Clerk

  Sagadahoc County, Maine
“We received our book order, they are just beautiful! Thank you so much. We will have more books for you to beautify!”
~ Barbara Trott, Registry of Deeds


  Otis, Massachusetts
“Your customer service staff is always a joy to work with. The quality of your work is phenomenal. Whenever we receive our completed books back it is like Christmas. I am always excited to see the finished product.”
~ Lyn Minery, Town Clerk

  Gouldsboro, Maine
“I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the beautiful binders you folks have put together for us recently. Your craftsmanship is amazing and we are enjoying the quality or the products you provide.
~ Caroline Morgan, Deputy Clerk


Mesquite, Texas
"We received the books and everything looks great.  Please tell those that work on the books “thank you” and a big thanks to you for your help".

~ City of Mesquite, TX

  Coryell County, Texas
"I wanted to preserve my family’s records and in the process I’ve managed to save everyone else’s too".
~ Jane Creel, Coryell County, TX Genealogical Society


Cass County, Texas
“Jannis as the keeper of our records had the foresight and wisdom to see the value of these records and preserve them for posterity. The Historical Committee stated the County’s collection of records is one of the most rare collections in the area”.

~ Cass County, TX


Laconia, New Hampshire
“Yesterday I received the photos of the Oswego history books. Thank you so much. Both Lee and I choked up at the beautiful restoration. I expect to show these photos to any friends who may be interested”.

~ David B. Hart, Laconia, NH


Sullivan County, New Hampshire
“I cannot say enough about the professionalism, integrity and quality of work that this company and its staff has done with the preservation, restoration and rebinding of this offices’ records and equipment”.

~ Sharon A. King, Register of Deeds


Stamford, Connecticut
“It’s the history of Stamford,” Town Clerk Donna Loglisci said. “It’s important.”

~ Town of Stamford, CT


Glenn County, California
“Looks as good as it did in 1894, You are to be congratulated for your role in the restoration of the 1st and only Official Glen County map."

~ Denny Bungarz, County Supervisor

City of Clermont, Florida
“I am extremely impressed with the final results of the book preservation process. The books are stunning and well worth the cost. I’ve been showing them off to everyone coming into the Clerk’s office”.

~ Tracy Ackroyd, CMC, City Clerk


Town of New Milford, Connecticut
“I personally visit many town clerk offices to compare the work done and none have fared as well. They are extremely knowledgeable concerning the restoration and preservation. I will be utilizing this firm as long as I am in office”.

~ George C. Buckbee, CCTC, CTC


Washoe County, NV
“The quality of the finished product and the customer service provided is excellent. We have always been able to get in touch for our various needs, and have always received prompt and courteous response”.

~ Kathryn L. Burke, Recorder


State of Vermont
“I fully appreciate the high standards you have set and I am confident that the professionalism you have shown with your work will be appreciated by others”.

~ Governor James H. Douglas