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Action Plan
Restore original paper according to approved conservation techniques.

  • Back up paper with high quality MICROFILM.
  • Build in costs for long term maintenance of digitized material.
  • Insist on highest quality you can afford
  1. Life Expectancy of Media
    • Paper - 300 to 500 years.
    • Microfilm - 50 to 100 years.
    • Digital - 2 to 10 years.
  2. The Importance of Microfilm
  3. Proactive Maintenance of Your Records
  4. Convincing Your Budget Committee That Preservation Is Inexpensive.......
    When You Consider The Alternatives.

Four-Point Program
How do you appropriate funding for restoration?
  1. Exhibit your material.
    Bring one of the worst volumes to your meeting
  2. Give the maintenance analogy.
    You are asking for a maintenance program for the only thing in the Town that is permanent and has never been maintained.
  3. Distribute enclosed newspaper articles.
    These will never be fully read. However, they help in forming a solid foundation for your program and allow you to look as though you’ve done your homework.
  4. Call the local media. Tell the reporter that you’ve got a great local interest story.


As guardian of the record, you are to be congratulated for giving your time and energy to a lasting investment in your community for future generations.

As we all know not every piece of paper warrants long-term preservation. Your records, however, do! The fact of the matter is that without a proactive plan to “maintain” and preserve these records...they will be lost.

As towns and counties across America earmark funding for automation and welcome the benefits conferred by new recording and indexing technology. Remember the obvious limitations of every form of reproduction and the continuing need for the handwritten original, upon which our new systems are based.

Not only do our originals provide the standard for judging the reproductions; they also contain bits of information, not captured on microfilm or disc. This is precisely the reason title companies, attorneys and genealogists are vigilant regarding the protection of the information embodied in the old (original) forms.

As the country approaches the electronic future with this in mind, more and more originals are saved, thus ensuring the evolution of even better electronic forms.

A Kofile Technologies representative will schedule a time to survey your records on-site. There is no charge for this service. Included within proposal are both recommendations and the price to implement. When comparing this proposal with any other, please compare the prices for individual books and not totals, as the number of books surveyed and procedures to be performed may vary.

As you work with Kofile Technologies, you will gain valuable knowledge as to why your records are in danger. In addition you will prepare yourself for the questioning you will undergo before your finance committee.

Acidity Is the major cause of paper deterioration and must be dealt with if the records are to be preserved. The deacidification process, which halts the inevitable self destruction of acidic paper, should be considered whenever conservation or even long term storage of unique records is evaluated.

Our general recommendations for the conservation of records include deacidification, mending and reinforcement of paper as necessary (with repair or replacement of index tabs where indicated), resewing, rebinding or archival grade polyester encapsulation, as appropriate.

Digital Imaging (Scanning to CD).
Digital formats offer very efficient means of storing large bits of information, but its promise is not without peril. Large quantities of digital information are at risk of disappearing or becoming inaccessible. The media itself on which the images are stored is deteriorating, or the hardware/software needed to retrieve valuable information no longer exists.

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