Vital Record Binders
The Ajax Binder is specifically designed to hold vital statistics
Records, such as births, deaths,
and marriages etc.

Recorder Binders
This binder has rigid, heavy duty, nickel plated metal parts, self aligning posts and smooth operating locking bars. They are available in a variety of sizes.

Minute Books
For meetings and other important events which require permanent typewritten or handwritten records of the proceedings, these books are hand bound and beautifully gold lettered.
For Professional people, societies, churches, and corporations wanting the very best material and construction. *

* Kofile Technologies are dealers for Enduro and Tenacity brand binders.
(Not available in all areas)

Recording Paper
Paper has proven its ability to withstand the test of time. Today, archival papers provide even greater protection for your documents because they are specifically engineered for maximum longevity. Weston’s Ledger Papers have been at the forefront of archival paper technology for more than 130 years.

Polyester Envelopes
Envelopes are created on one of our radio frequency edge welders (built in the U.S. and England). The archival polyester starts out as single sheets then is radio edge welded on three sides to form an envelope. Envelopes may then be organized in acid free boxes, or punched and inserted into high quality acid-free record binders.  
Each envelope is cut and sealed to size.

Wishbone Plat Hangers
Designed to hang wishbone envelopes using screw posts. (Screw posts, lettering and punching are included in price.)

Plat Cabinets
This efficient, easy-to-use system eliminates bulky, difficult-to-carry books, and replaces them with a system that incorporates lightweight envelopes to hold your plats. This affords your staff individual access for updating, referencing or photocopying. *

Download pdf Brochure: Enduro Plat Storage and Filing Systems»

* Kofile Technologies
are dealers for Enduro and Presto brand plat cabinets.
(Not available in all areas)

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Roller Shelving
Roller shelves are often the most practical answer for additional storage and work space in any county office. Larger land record books and indexes weigh approx. 26lbs. and must be laid flat to prevent slumping.
Roller shelf storage is available in a variety of styles.

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High-Density Mobile Storage
Mobile storage provides maximum storage capacity in minimal square foot requirements. By eliminating aisles and compacting ranges together, mobile systems can store materials in half of the space as conventional shelving. With mechanical assist systems, you can effortlessly move carriages with the simple turning of an ergonomic handle. Safety features and custom end panels come with each system.