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Digital imaging and microfilm are essential to modern records management. The necessary first step, however, so preserving the original document, which provides both the standard for judging the reproduction and the foundation for a clear, readable image. Treated historical records can serve users for hundreds of years. In contrast, technological evolution may leave indispensable records stranded in obsolete or inaccessible electronic formats.

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"100 Years Down The Road...What Will Your Records Look Like?"

Archival Microfilming

To maintain proper care of our historical records, restoring & maintaining the original is critical. Creating a security backup on 16/35mm security microfilm is the best choice. Digital creation is convenient but costly when you consider the long-term - data migration when media can no longer be read by outdated equipment.

microfilmed image
This is a representative of what to expect on the digital or film output if restoration not performed on your irreplaceable documents. Information loss!
  • We offer 16/35mm and 16mm Security microfilming.
  • All imaging done is to ANSI specifications
To maintain proper care of our historical records restoring & maintaining the original is critical and creating a security back up on 35mm security microfilm is the best choice.
Archival Imaging

We also offer Scanning (digital imaging). (This service can be additional to microfilming or separate from filming) Digital images are saved as TIFF, PDF or JPEG images. We work directly with each of our customers to achieve the resolution, filename if required, and format needed for their specific software systems and security backups.

How Long Do The Last?

1.) Paper 300-500 years
2.) Microfilm 50-100 years
3.) CDs Digital 2-10 years

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