Kofile Technologies has been working in the field of public document preservation since 1962. In our home state of Vermont, where we have been providing services for over 48 years, we have over 500 active public agency accounts. Today, with three locations in disaster-safe zones to serve you, (Essex, Vermont, Carson City, Nevada and Dallas, Texas) and over 180,000 total square feet of laboratory space, Kofile Technologies offers preservation services coast-to-coast, with thousands of public records repositories being served nationwide.

With nearly 60 conservators on staff and many of them having 10-30 years experience each, Kofile Technologies is uniquely qualified to handle the most challenging of preservation projects.  Our specialty is the preservation of public records including books and manuscripts, documents, maps as well as “priceless” works of art. Unlike companies offering general bookbinding, our staff is trained in paper conservation methods developed specifically for books and documents used by County, Municipal, and other government offices. 

Our conservation/restoration programs are designed to provide ongoing access to the records by records managers and the public. With the concentration on physical and chemical stabilization and treatment of the permanent records, our services include onsite evaluation (assistance in assessing need and setting priorities); writing treatment proposals; aid in securing funding for the treatment program and support in promoting awareness of the need for ongoing records preservation programs. We can even provide “turn-key” record storage solutions, from archival document imaging and microfilming to custom built record storage equipment including vault planning and design.

All work performed at Kofile Technologies Conservation Laboratories is done to the highest possible standards of workmanship, and incorporates only generally accepted standards and practices for preservation of documents into our treatment regimens.  Kofile Technologies Conservation Laboratory is an institutional member of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works (AIC), and a member of the AIC Book and Paper Group.  Staff members also maintain individual memberships, and Kofile Technologies subscribes to the AIC Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.  

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