With the merger of industry leaders 2011, Kofile Technologies became the largest private preservation firm in the United States. Brown’s River Bindery dates to 1964. Joseph J. Marotti Co. Inc. dates to 1972. Louisiana Binding Service, Inc. dates to 1987. Moving forward with a new name, familiar faces remain. Your community’s archival records are unique and serve as permanent links to the past. They document and verify our existence—their survival is essential to protect life, liberty, and property. book pictureWithout proper care, these irreplaceable records may be lost. Kofile Technologies works with federal, state, local, and private archives or collections. Each customer’s problem is unique and deserves special attention. Projects range from one volume, to thousands of volumes. We provide realistic solutions, professional analysis, and innovative archival products to equip records custodians with the information and resources needed to preserve their collections.

The merger greatly expanded our archival imaging, indexing, and micrographic services. Our parent company also operates Eastman Park Micrographics. Our expertise includes a range of media—including manuscripts, volumes, plats, maps, negative Photostats, microfilm, digital images, photographs, micrographics, indexes, etc.